A Visual Approach to determine Strategic Locations for Masks and Medical Devices Distribution for COVID-19 treatment Using IBM Cloud Pak for Data on Cloud

Ilustrasi-1: IBM Cloud Park for Data on Cloud Login Page
Ilustrasi-2: IBM Cloud Park for Data Home Page
Ilustrasi-3 : Create New Project
Ilustrasi-4: Create Project Option
Ilustrasi-5: Create Project Detail
Ilustrasi-6: Import Data
Ilustrasi-7: Create Connection
Ilustrasi-8: Connection Database Option
Ilustrasi-9: Create New Notebook
Ilustrasi-10: Notebook Detail
Ilustrasi-11: Python Programming
Ilustrasi-12: IBM DB2 Database
Ilustrasi-13: Create Dashboard
Ilustrasi-14: Dashboard Detail
Ilustrasi-15: Database Visualization
Ilustrasi-16: ArcGIS Visualization



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