An Illustrated Use-Case for Object Detection on IBM Maximo Visual Inspection (Product Update)

Object Detection Model

Object Detection Use-Case

Source :
Illustration-1: Login page
Illustration-2:Home page
Illustration-3:Create Dataset
Illustration-4: Import data
Illustration-5: Add name label
Illustration-6: Labeling with polygon
Illustration-7: Labeling with box
Illustration-8: Labeling (complete)
Illustration-9: Augment data (option)
Illustration-10: Create augment data
Illustration-11: Augment Data (complete)
Illustration-12: Training (Select type of training)
Illustration-13: Training (Setting hyperparameters)
Illustration-14: Training Proses
Illustration-15: Training (Complete)
Illustration-16: Training (Result)
Illustration-17: Deploy Model
Illustration-18: Model Ready to Test
Illustration-19: Dashboard to Test Model
Illustration-20: Model Test Result (1)
Illustration-21: Model Test Result (2)
Illustration-22: Model Test Result (3)



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