Custom Model on IBM Maximo Visual Inspection

ilustrasi-1: Optimize Model Option
ilustrasi-2: IBM Maximo Visual Inspection Login
ilustrasi-3: IBM Maximo Visual Inspection Home Page
ilustrasi-4: Create Dataset
ilustrasi-5: Import Files
Iluatrasi-6: Image Classification Dataset “Car”
Ilustrasi-7: Select All Image Classification Dataset “Car”
Ilustrasi-8: Assign Category “Car”
ilustrasi-9: Select Uncategorized Dataset
Ilustrasi-10: Image Classification Dataset “Car & Van”
Ilustrasi-11: Select Augment Data Option
Ilustrasi-12: Create Augment Dataset
Ilustrasi-13: Augment Dataset Result
Ilustrasi-14: Augment Dataset
Ilustrasi-15: Prepare Optimize Model Option for Custom Model
Ilustrasi-16: Import Custom Asset
Ilustrasi-17: Select Asset Type
Ilustrasi-18: Create Custom Asset
Ilustrasi-19: Custom Asset Image Classification
Ilustrasi-20: Select Optimize Model Option (Custom Model)
Ilustrasi-21: Training Process
Ilustrasi-22: Training Result
Ilustrasi-23: Deploy Model
Ilustrasi-24: Test Model from Test Dataset Data (Image 1)
Ilustrasi-25: Test Model from Test Dataset Data (Image 2)




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cahyati sangaji (cahya)

cahyati sangaji (cahya)

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