Forward vs Reverse Geocoding

Library & API Key

!conda install -c conda-forge geocoder --yes
print ("install geocoder")
!conda install -c conda-forge/label/gcc7 geocoder --yes
print ("install geocoder2")
!conda install -c conda-forge/label/cf201901 geocoder --yes
print ("install geocoder3")
!conda install -c conda-forge/label/cf202003 geocoder --yes
print ("install geocoder4")
!pip install opencage
print ("install opencage")
import pandas as pd # library for data analsysis
from opencage.geocoder import OpenCageGeocode
key = '<Your API key>'
geocoder = OpenCageGeocode(key)
query = 'Jakarta, Indonesia'
results = geocoder.geocode(query)

Forward Geocoding

# Read in the data Hospital for treatment covid-19
df_hospital = pd.read_csv("")
# View the top rows of the dataset
# Isolate only the Latitude & Longitude of Jakarta from the Json file
lat = results[0]['geometry']['lat']
lng = results[0]['geometry']['lng']
print ('The Latitude and Longitude of Jakarta is {} and {} repectively.'.format(lat, lng))
The Latitude and Longitude of Jakarta is -6.1753942 and 106.827183 repectively.
# Get the latitude and longitude of all of the specialist hospitals
list2_lat = [] # create empty lists for latitude
list2_long = [] # create empty lists for longitude
for index, row in df_hospital.iterrows(): # iterate over rows in dataframe
hosp = row['Hospital']
distr = row['District']
query = str(hosp) + ', ' + str(distr) + ', Jakarta'
results = geocoder.geocode(query)
lat = results[0]['geometry']['lat']
long = results[0]['geometry']['lng']
# create new columns from lists
df_hospital['Latitude'] = list2_lat
df_hospital['Longitude'] = list2_long
df_hospital = pd.read_csv("C:/Users/Cahya/Downloads/ibm-solutions-summit-2020-dataplatform-master/Hospital.csv")
# View the top rows of the dataset

Reverse Geocoding

df_timesheet = pd.read_csv("C:/Users/Cahya/Downloads/ibm-solutions-summit-2020-dataplatform-master/timesheet.csv")
# View the top rows of the dataset
add = []
for index, row in df_timesheet.iterrows(): # iterate over rows in dataframe
lat = float(df_timesheet['Latitude'][index])
lng = float(df_timesheet['Longitude'][index])
reverse = geocoder.reverse_geocode(lat,lng)
df_data = pd.json_normalize(reverse)
value = df_data.loc[0]

df_timesheet['Address'] = add
df_timesheet = pd.read_csv("C:/Users/Cahya/Downloads/ibm-solutions-summit-2020-dataplatform-master/reverse.csv")
# View the top rows of the dataset




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cahyati sangaji (cahya)

cahyati sangaji (cahya)

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