My Journey to Artificial Intelligence

How can you create Artificial Intelligence?

Illustration -1: Typical workflow to create an AI model
Illustration-2: A Typical AI Data Pipeline (Andi Sama, 2019a)

My experience to learn Artificial intelligence

Illustration-3: Image Captioning on Jetson TX2
  • Face Recognition (Video), IoT Edge with AI, NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Supercomputer (OpenCV, Python and Deep Learning),” SWG insight Q1, 2019.
  • Real-time Face Recognition powered by Watson & IoT. IBM Cloud, Watson and IoT on Edge with Jetson TX2 Supercomputer,” SWG insight Q2, 2019.
Illustration-4: Face Recognition with NVidia Jetson TX2

Learning AI with IBM POWER9 and IBM PowerAI Vision

Training, Webinar, and Course

Illustration-5: certificate of participant webinar, Badges from Cognitive AI, and Badges from Coursera





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cahyati sangaji (cahya)

cahyati sangaji (cahya)

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